The Process of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Process of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

6th December 2021 Off By Ashley Sims

When you are accused of a crime, your entire world is turned upside down. Your freedom is at stake, and the future of your family is in jeopardy. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you through this difficult time. When it comes to protecting their clients’ rights, they will do anything in their power to defend them against any allegations made by prosecutors or law enforcement officials. Criminal defense lawyers have one goal: protect the innocent from being convicted for crimes they didn’t commit! This article will explore how a criminal defense lawyer works from beginning to end of a case.

Taking Your Case

When you are arrested, the clock starts ticking. The process of a criminal defense lawyer begins when you are accused of committing a crime. Your freedom is at stake, and your entire future depends on the outcome of your case. If you are convicted, you could face jail time or be forced to pay fines for crimes that you did not commit!

Gathering Evidence

Once they take on your case, the first thing that will happen is an investigation of all angles by their team of lawyers and paralegals. They need evidence to help you win your court battle, so they need to do a thorough job during this stage of the process. The more evidence they uncover, the better chances you will have of not being convicted.

Defending Your Case

Once your criminal defense lawyer has uncovered enough evidence to prove that it wasn’t you who committed the crime in question, then they will do their best to defend you against any charges brought up by prosecutors or law enforcement officials. They can file motions on your behalf and even take your case to trial if necessary. If you are found guilty of the crime, your criminal defense lawyer will work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for you during sentencing. This could mean getting a reduced sentence or even having the charges against you dropped altogether.


The entire process of a criminal defense lawyer can last anywhere from several months to several years, depending on the severity and complexities of your case. You need an experienced law firm with attorneys familiar with cases like yours to give you the best chance of winning. is the best place to find an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area. We are a law firm dedicated to helping victims of crimes get the justice they deserve. We have won countless cases for our past clients, and we would love nothing more than to help you win yours! Contact us today for a consultation!